A whole different school

When in 2011 we decided to establish the BILINGU E EQUAL MIDDLE SCHOOL, we knew very well that it was a very demanding undertaking; secondary education was largely entrusted to the state and private education in the South was a mere diplomacy.
We started with the desire to create ALL ANOTHER SCHOOL : innovative, devoted to education and efficiency and the educational success of its members, with EXCELLENT TARGETS to be achieved in compliance with the rules.

We immediately made use of a ROSE TEACHERS who shared, who was constantly engaged, who put passion as the main ingredient and who was BOTH BUT PRECARY .

We continued to propose balanced classes without the problems of overcrowding, punctuality, productivity. Chairs covered from the first day of school, but mainly TEACHERS CHOSEN FOR MERIT.
In the Covid19 emergency then the “R. Misasi ”, resisted, indeed, provided a solution to the city of Cosenza and its hinterland, expanding the school community with A THIRD SECTION.
Today, more solid than ever, we propose ourselves as a SAFE ALTERNATIVE to a short but strategic didactic cycle, a decisive bridge for a SUCCESSFUL HIGH SCHOOL PATH.
In 2022 Misasi is a CONSOLIDATED COMMUNITY. The parent who enrolls his child in the “R. Misasi ”has the certainty of knowing what he will do and how and which teachers he will have and the son will be proud to belong to a recognized community that HAS THE ATTENTION of all secondary schools in the province.

The didactic coordination and the didactic coordinator

In the logic of school autonomy which also extends to non-state schools, the responsibility of a Coordinator of educational and didactic activities is distinct from the responsibility of management which belongs to the Regent and the Manager.
Didactic coordination and management involve distinct responsibilities. The Coordinator of educational and didactic activities in private schools is designated by the Regent in his own responsibility, taking care to make use of personnel who have adequate didactic-pedagogical qualifications. >>

 The educational and didactic coordination of the School is entrusted to Prof. Luigi De Rose. Professor of Law, former principal of middle school and high school.

Excellence at work

The value of an equal school lies first of all in the "risk" that adults freely take to "teach" by putting their freedom, their ideals, their professionalism at stake. The head teacher of an equal school has the great privilege of being able to choose his teachers , a factor of enormous importance to create a school that lives a real unity of purpose, in which cultural, educational, didactic and methodological objectives are shared. This aspect of the "offer" and in the "training offer" is already an undeniable added value.

R. Misasi ensures a prestigious teaching staff coming from the state middle school, from state high schools and from professional experiences that have catalyzed enrollments and successes in the schools where they served.
Alongside them are brilliant and motivated professionals: native speakers, engineers, biologists, musicians, artists ...

Italian and Latin

History and geography


Sciences and Laboratories

Technology and Information Technology

English and Enhanced English


Art and image and artistic workshops

Geographical English e Scientific English


Exercise Sciences

Catholic religion

Choral activities



The 60 'lessons will be distributed over five days from Monday to Friday: 

8.10..14.05 for 4 days a week; 8.10..16.30 for 1 day a week.

MATTER 1st class 2nd class Class 3 ^
Religion 1 1 1
Italian 5
5 5
Reading comprehension (1st class) and Latin (2nd and 3rd class) 1
1 1
English 4 4 5
Preparation Cambridge 1.5 1.5 1.5
History  2 2 2
Geography 1
Discipline in English (Geography, Art, Science, Physical Fitness or History ...) with a native English teacher 1
5 5 5
Science 2 2 2
Music  2 2 2
2 2 2
Art and image 2 2 2
Exercise Sciences 2 2 2










School School Calendar

The "Riccardo Misasi" Middle School observes the School Calendar in force in the Calabria Region.

Three-year plan of the educational offer

PTOF (Three-year Training Offer Plan) 2020-21..2022-23 -  View

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The "R. Misasi ”- maintaining the entire didactic project envisaged by the Italian culture school - proposes an important enhancement of English and an international vocation.

English to the “R. Misasi ”is assumed not as - or at least not only as - a scholastic discipline as an end in itself, but as an activity transversal to everything.
Unlike traditional bilingual methodologies, however, the “R. Misasi ”protects and safeguards the teaching of a solid foundation of Italian and mathematics. No hour sacrificed for English.
The "Riccardo Misasi" rather increases the weekly number of hours of English language and entrusts the teachings of Science, Geography and English Culture to a mother tongue teacher.

One return per week of 90 minutesfinally, it ensures preparation for the CAMBRIDGE certifications expected at the end of the year. In fact, in the three years of attendance, the School completes and certifies the Second Level (A2 of the CEFR). Pupils possess at least two thousand words of the language and are ready to face the CAMBRIDGE CERTIFICATION: KET or even PET (of which the "R. Misasi" is Preparation Center). 

It contributes to the bilingualism project, the STUDY TRIP IN ENGLAND which every year involves the pupils of the second classes of the “R. Misasi ". The Study Trip, which lasts two weeks ( the travel period includes Easter week and another week before or after the Holy Week), aims to offer children the opportunity to experience and use the English language in a real communicative context, to know directly the country whose language they study and to relate to peers of different nationalities and cultures.
Travel is not compulsory.

Information Technologies in-depth study

The "Riccardo Misasi" aims to train students capable of developing and using the methods and tools of information technology to face a very wide range of applications.

Today, the use of information technology in schools must be a decisive element at the time of enrollment: a school that does not teach to use computers is a school lacking in training.

The following qualifications confirm the quality of teaching: ECDL (European Computer Driving License) , ECDL ADVANCED , ECDL WEB , ECDL CADECDL IT SECURITY issued in the 3 years of attendance, by the AICA (Italian Association for Computer Science and Automatic Calculation) Accredited body for European certifications of IT knowledge of users and professionals.

For IT, "Riccardo Misasi" makes use of the experience, human and technological resources of "SOLUTIO SISTEMI INFORMATIVI", a training and certification center accredited by Aica, Microsoft, Novell, Sybase, Oracle, Didasca, Macromedia ... which with over 200 courses certified in quality by the major IT players in the world, as well as recognized at regional, community and international level, with a twenty-year consolidated presence in the Calabrian territory, and above all with the ambitious goal of offering competence in training and software production, offers always services for businesses, schools and individuals that can be translated into a concrete competitive advantage.

An official organ, the website www.scuolemisasi.it guarantees correct visibility for the school. A visibility in line with his way of forming, producing and serving. Internationality, brief and incisive information, easy to identify, effective and efficient services to tell and tell about oneself, to document and document oneself, to train and educate oneself. A reliable information and training medium, promptly updated , certainly a "vehicle" of the school's positions, strategies and philosophy. Didactic material, notes for the support, the recovery and the strengthening, utilities and software for the didactic, free ebooks, complete the offer of the site.

With the support of on-line computer courses, the "R. Misasi" school will always be able to first literate and specialize after its students in Information Communication Technology using, immediately, tools and means of ICT itself.

The parents of the students of "Riccardo Misasi" will finally be able to check the actual load of the tasks assigned for the next day, through the electronic register: this help will not replace the child's responsibility to note the assigned tasks in the diary, but it will be useful in case of occasional or prolonged absences.


Middle school Latin like it used to be. To better prepare for high school, to deepen and consolidate the morphological and syntactic knowledge of the proposition and of the period, to have a smattering of declinations, to take the opportunity - perhaps unique in life - to get to know a classical language. And not least to allow students to arrive more aware of the choice of high school.

Coding and Robotics

Coding helps the little ones to think better and creatively, stimulates their curiosity through what may apparently just seem like a game. Coding allows you to learn the basics of computer programming , teaches how to "talk" with the computer, and how to give the machine commands in a simple and intuitive way.
The goal is not to train a generation of future programmers, but to educate in computational thinking, which is the ability to solve problems - even complex ones - by applying logic, thinking about the best strategy to get to the solution. Coding and Robotics are offered during the curricular hours.

School Newspaper

The creation of a school newspaper represents a didactic activity rich in training potential and an opportunity to consolidate pupils' linguistic, computer and communication skills.

MisasiNews was born in 2022 thanks to the availability, enthusiasm and commitment of prof. Gianluca Bruni who conceived and coordinated the start of this new project in just a few days. He deserves the credit for having been able to ignite in the pupils the love and the desire to get involved in a new experience.

In the small periodical we will probably read what usually remains in pupils' notebooks and which now has the opportunity to reach the public of peers, families and all school staff: ideas, descriptions, reflections, reports, surveys, reports of school activities , imitations, games, real or invented stories…
The school newspaper is made by the pupils of the first, second and third grades of the "R. Misasi" lower secondary school.

MisasiNews N.3 - May 18, 2022
MisasiNews N.1 - 24 Jan 2022

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The school uniform

Pupils wear uniforms at school which must be purchased from the official supplier appointed at the beginning of the year to maintain the unity of style.

The decision to adopt a uniform stems from an observation: often children go to school dressed inadequately, generating general distraction. But not only that: it is proven that dressing everyone in the same way helps to fight "class racism" and strengthens the team spirit and the sense of belonging to it.

The support of parents and their encouragement to the pupils for the adoption of the uniform is essential.

Integrated co-responsibility agreement COVID EMERGENCY

Disciplinary Regulation

The disciplinary regulation of the SM "R. Misasi"  identifies the behaviors that constitute disciplinary deficiencies with reference to the duties listed in the "Statute of female students and secondary school students" Presidential Decree 24 June 1998, n. 249 amended by Presidential Decree 21 November 2007, n. 235, the relative sanctions, the competent bodies to impose them.

Review and enhancement notebooks

This page contains the sheets for training (summer), recovery and strengthening. This space will be constantly updated.

1st grade math exercises - summer training
2nd grade math exercises - summer training
3rd grade math exercises - towards high school

To follow OUR BASKETS of parallel tests:
grammar basket - NAMES
grammar basket - PRONOUNS
grammar basket - ADJECTIVES
grammar basket - VERBS
basket mathematics - SETS
mathematics basket -
mathematics basket -
mathematics basket -
mathematics basket -
mathematics basket -
mathematics basket - TRIANGLES
mathematics basket - QUADRILATERI

INVALSI MATHEMATICS tests (from the textbook of Arithmetic FIRST vol. From page 426 to page 445)
INVALSI MATHEMATICS tests (from the textbook of Arithmetic SECOND vol. From page 318 to page 337)

INVALSI ITALIAN tests - Grammar: Exercise 1
INVALSI ITALIAN tests - Grammar: Exercise 2
INVALSI ITALIAN tests - Informative text: Exercise 3
INVALSI ITALIAN tests - Informative text: Exercise 4
INVALSI ITALIAN tests - Narrative text: Exercise 5
INVALSI ITALIAN tests - Narrative text: Exercise 6